Underground Comedy at The Big Hunt

Underground Comedy produces 11 shows in Hells' Kitchen in the basement of The Big Hunt in Dupont Circle every week.

Monday - 8:00 - Free
Tuesday - 8:00 - Free
Wednesday - 8:00 - Free
Thursday - 8:00 - $10
Thursday - 9:45 - Free
Friday - 8:00 - $20
Friday - 9:45 - $20
Friday - 11:30 - $10
Saturday - 8:00 - $20
Saturday - 9:45 - $20
Saturday - 11:30 - $10

*prices may differ for special events

The ticketed shows on Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays feature rising comics from around the country. Many of these comics are nationally touring headliners with television credits. The free shows feature DC's best stand-up comics along with a few newer comics. Many of these comics regularly perform with nationally touring headliners at comedy clubs and festivals across the country.

Located at 1345 Connecticut Ave NW, The Big Hunt was named one of the Best Dive Bars in America by Maxim Magazine and is a Washington Post Editor's Pick for Best Beer Selection in DC. The Big Hunt, is on the Red Line and just a two minute walk from the south exit of the Dupont Circle Metro station. You must be 21 to enter.

"What a cool bar. It's like this dive bar. There's like eight different rooms. It's all wood, just dirty, beer soaked wood. Weird shit hanging from the ceilings from it being around for like 800 years. Love it. It's jam packed. You go downstairs and everyone's in there. It's dark. It's seedy. Low ceilings. It feels great." - Mark Normand

Tuesday 8:00, Wednesday 8:00, Thursday 9:45, Friday 11:30, Saturday 11:30